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Are you tired of sending off a résumé that you know isn't as good as it could be?

Sick of getting an interview for that job because you couldn't figure out how to talk about your hard-earned expertise on a résumé?

Or has it been years since you updated your résumé and you're just looking to sharpen it up for when the right opportunity comes along?

If any of those are you, read on…👇

What you get:

A 90-minute group résumé coaching session with myself and 2 other coaches.

During the first 30 minutes, you’ll learn the principles and tactics to turn your résumé into an asset through an actionable teaching.

Then, for the next 60 minutes, we’ll work on your résumé live.

(I’ve limited the sessions to 3 attendees so that you’ll have at least 20 focused minutes of attention.)

Teaching Overview:

🛑 Avoiding common failure. The easiest way to stall your career is to never get your foot in the door. Learn the four common résumé-building mistakes and how to avoid them.

🗣 The Language of Hiring. Every job exists to solve certain problems. Learn how to position yourself as the answer to those problems instead of just another applicant.

The Hiring Pyramid. Learn the 3-step process to finally explaining your past work in a way that resonates with hiring teams around the globe.

The First Date Philosophy. In the dating world, one of the quickest ways to not get a second date is to share too much information on the first date. Learn how to strategically withhold information and increase your chances of getting past the application process.

🛠 Tactics. Get the exact templates & structure I've used to create my résumé as well as all my clients. If you've ever been unsure how to start your résumé, this is for you.

📬 [BONUS] Cover Letter Writing Guide. Résumés tell your story, but cover letters show who you are. Stop wasting the opportunity to highlight what makes you special, and learn how to write a cover letter that leaves the hiring team wanting more.

Live Group Coaching:

⭐️ You, me, and the other attendees will go to work putting what we just learned into action. Come ready to make some changes and leave the session with the strongest résumé of your life.

Praise from past coaching clients:

"If you think your résumé can be stronger, hit Tanner up! Whole new outlook on résumé writing!"

Billy Barker (@Coach_Barker10)

"A 100 percent positive experience. Tanner challenged me to think outside of the traditional box of what a résumé was "supposed" to look like."

Cole Mauter

"Doing the work and taking Tanner's guidance will earn you the opportunity to talk with your dream job!"

Drew Carlson

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Group Résumé Coaching

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